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Velo Examples

Custom Calculations

Velo can be used to create all different kinds of calculators from weight loss calculators, pricing and investment calculators, unit converters, such as this currency Converter and so much more.

time stamp


On this day

Third Party Integrations

Third-party integrations can be used to communicate between your site and another, from connecting to Google Maps or Sheets to sending contact details to email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp.

This third-party integration uses the API to display a random historic event which happened on this day.

Using Wix embed elements, allows us to add third party widgets or even create our own from scratch, like this sliding block puzzle.

Custom Embeds

Logo Only Transparent.png


We can use Velo to create animations for elements on your site. These animations can run on their own when the site loads or be triggered from an event such as clicking.

Click the logo to see what happens.

Using Velo and embeds we can connect your Wix databases to third party widgets such as calendars to display on your site.


We can even create visual representations of your data such as this graph or other types of graph such as line graphs, pie charts etc.

Connect Your Data

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